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Hose + Coupling World is a global magazine focused on establishing a global network of industrial hose and coupling producers, distributors and users. By connecting with manufacturers, distributors, EPCs and end users, we are able to discover and report the latest in technological advancements, end user and EPC interviews, technical articles, case studies, industry outlooks, Q&As and more.

The magazine has a global distribution of approximately 6,000 readers across Canada, the US, Brazil, Europe, China and India, as well as bonus circulation at various trade shows, including NAHAD, OTC, ACHEMA and FABTEC. We work with experts all over the world to create content that is relevant across a broad range of applications and sectors, including oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, solids & slurries, chemical/petrochemical, water & wastewater, agriculture, food & beverage, construction and more.

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Hose + Coupling World is published six times a year: February, April, June, August, October and December and is complimented by our Hose + Coupling World website: hose-coupling-world.com.

Interested in submitting a technical article for consideration by our Editor? Please contact c.allison@kci-world.com or go to our How to contribute page.  You may also download our media kit for more information.