Anvil supplies couplings for longest floating bridge

Construction is nearly complete on the new State Route 520 Floating Bridge spanning Lake Washington, connecting Seattle on the western side of the lake to Medina on the eastern side. The new 7,710 ft. long bridge will be the longest floating bridge in the world, and is replacing the existing 7,578 ft. bridge, which was the longest floating bridge in the world. The new bridge is designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety compared to the former State Route 520 Bridge.

Two important components of the construction of the bridge were the design and construction of the dry standpipe fire systems and of the mechanical wastewater removal system, to remove rainwater from the road surface and filter it before returning it to the lake. Contractors for these systems needed grooved pipe couplings, hangers, and other piping products that would meet or exceed the needs of this unique bridge style, and reached out to Anvil International to supply the products.

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