Why attend the Hose + Coupling World Conference & Expo?

    A round table discussion with members of our event Steering Committee

    Hose + Coupling World had the recent pleasure of sitting down to discuss the upcoming Hose + Coupling World Conference & Expo with several members of the Steering Committee, including Karina Robinson, Market Director Industrial Hose (North America) – Continental, Rob Lyons, President – Tipco Technologies, and Eric Blazej, Industrial Distribution Sales Manager – Proco Products with a special guest appearance by Rob Coffee, Vice President of Sales & Marketing – Proco Products.

    By Jody Hewitt, Editor

    The Hose + Coupling World Conference & Expo, co-presented by NAHAD, will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, October 16th–17th, 2018. The event is unique in that it will bring together producers, suppliers and end users of hose and coupling products from different sectors across the industrial landscape. These include but are not limited to: oil & gas, power generation, chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, pulp & paper, water & wastewater, construction, agriculture and bulk materials transfer.

    The Hose Safety Institute’s Hose Assemblies Essentials Course will take place on day one of the conference, on October 16, and will cover a basic introduction to hose assemblies, best practices for installing and maintaining hose assemblies and how to identify what went wrong.

    HCW: What is the advantage of attending or getting involved in the Hose + Coupling World Conference & Expo?

    Karina Robinson: As with any industry event, the advantage is that you get to meet new people and expand your network. If you choose to present at the event, you can gain exposure and set yourself apart as a subject matter in your field. However you choose to participate, delegates can expect to gain the opportunity to network, and share ideas and knowledge with other professionals in the community, as well as to gain valuable insights into what’s happening across different sectors and markets.

    Rob Lyons: There is no substitute for immersing yourself in the community you want to be a part of. Today, so much of the business is done over the phone or over email, but there are limitations to that. When I bring my employees, they get to meet the people they talk to on the phone, in person. Natural human instinct takes over and they can create a stronger relationship than is possible over the phone. They also get the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the whys and ifs of the business and get answers from professionals who have been doing it for a long time.

    HCW: What is the difference between the Hose + Coupling World Conference & Expo and any other industry event?

    Eric Blazej: Bringing in the end user and making them part of the conversation. We really believe in the importance of getting feedback at the end user level and providing them with the education they need to install the equipment correctly and maintain it once it is in service. It is important for them to know what to look for when an expansion joint, hose, etc. is installed, how to identify tell-tale signs that something might fail, things like that.

    Rob Coffee: NAHAD has done an incredible job of educating people on hose safety, but the message isn’t always reaching the end user. This event is an opportunity to broadcast that information out to the people who are using the equipment every day, and who really need to know how to use them — because, in some applications, it could be a matter of life and death. The most important thing for any company is the safety of its people and educating them about the equipment they’re using is a big part of that.

    RL: Exactly. There is a level of responsibility for distributors to make sure that the products we are supplying are safe. I think that bringing in the end user, and educating them on how to protect themselves, is a natural shift that we’re seeing in the landscape now. It’s exciting and I don’t think it should be viewed as a threat but as an opportunity.

    HCW: What do you think should be the main focus of the conference program?

    KR: We want to ensure that a good variety of topics are covered at the event, from a broad range of hose and coupling applications. The hose and coupling business is surprisingly complex because it touches so many industries. They are used in every application you can imagine, and some of those applications are inherently risky; transporting hazardous chemicals, for example, or harsh environments. For this and other reasons, safety should be at the forefront of the event program. From safe installation to best practices, you can never have enough training.

    EB: I would also like to see a focus on applications, and how to select the right hose for the specific application. I can’t tell you the number of times we hear “just give me something that will fit in the space”. That’s not the right way to do it, and it is really our responsibility to teach them why that’s not the right way to do it. It’s not about selling them the most expensive part we can, it’s about making sure that that part is going to serve them well, function properly and safely.

    HCW: What is the main thing you hope that delegates will walk away with after attending?

    KR: If nothing else, I want delegates to walk away with a thorough understanding of hose safety and why it is so important. NAHAD, who is co-presenting the event, has been instrumental in bringing that conversation to the forefront in the industry, and has provided the industry with tools and guidelines to follow to ensure proper installation, handling and maintenance. Delegates, especially those who attend the HSI [NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute] Hose Assembly Essentials Course on October 15, will walk away with a much greater understanding of hose and coupling integrity, proper attachment methods and applications.

    EB: They will walk away with more product knowledge, best practices for safety and a better understanding of how to ensure they’re using the right products for use in the right applications. They might also discover new products they didn’t know existed, or find a manufacturer who can supply a product or a value-added service their company could benefit from.

    RL: Every company is looking for a return on its investment (ROI), and that is measured after the event. What I see as the main ROI for this event is the educational component. Every company is looking for that certificate of attendance, which shows that they acted on a duty to educate their employees on the products they’re using and what they are exposed to — harsh environments, hazardous chemicals, severe service, etc.

    RC: I would also like to see delegates walk away with a better understanding of the value of the distributor. Online direct-to-consumer transactions are increasing, where the attitude is really “let the buyer beware”. Purchasers should be aware that when you are procuring products from a website, the transfer of liability goes to the individual so it’s important to be aware of that.

    For For more information, contact Conference Coordinator, Candace Allison, at +1 416-361-7030 or c.allison@kci-world.com.

    Register for the conference here or register to walk the expo floor for free here.

    Interested in exhibiting? Contact Expo & Sales Coordinator, Jorge Garces, at +1 437-992-7030 or j.garces@kci-world.com to book your stand.

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