ContiTech new XCP4 and Velocity BT hoses

ConiTech has introduced two new hoses to the North American market: the Continental ContiTech XCP4 (XCP4) and the Continental ConiTech Velocity BT (Velocity BT).
The XCP4 hydraulic hose offers characteristics needed to operate under high-pressure hydraulic applications. The hose meets U.S. Mining Safety and Health Administration flame resistance designation, has excellent impulse performance and flexibility, and meets SAE 100R19 and ISO 11237 standards. The inner tube is made of nitrile rubber and is reinforced with two braids of high-tensile steel wire. It can withstand temperatures from -40° to 212°F.

The second is a beverage transfer hose for beer, wine, milk and other beverages. The Velocity BT “beverage hose” is designed for transfer of beverages needing a lightweight, flexible PVC hose. ContiTech offers the hose in four diameter-width options from 1.15 inches (110 psi) to 4 inches (75 psi). The firm said the outer PVC helix and synthetic braid reinforcement meet USDA and FDA requirements, and the hose is made with NSF-approved materials and features a 3:1 minimum burst pressure to comply with RMA/ ARPM standards.

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