ContiTech promotes German Beer Purity Law

International industrial partner ContiTech helps breweries comply with the German Beer Purity Law, which is now 500 years old: No product purity without process purity. When it comes to ensuring product purity in all phases of the process chain, the cleanliness of the brewing equipment is just as important as the ingredients. In order to ensure hygienic, taste-free and durable connections for transporting fresh, flavorful and healthy beer, clearly defined factors need to be observed. That is why, as the German Beer Purity Law marks this major anniversary, ContiTech is addressing master brewers directly in a broad-based marketing and information campaign with the aim of conveying extensive product expertise.

The Purple Snake guarantees process purity: The globally renowned brewing hose features a white, highly effective special inner lining that guarantees a hygienically clean connection between barrels and brewing vessels, in bottling systems or on beer tank trucks.

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