ContiTech to show flexible lightweight hose at PTC Asia

ContiTech will be showcasing some of its custom technology at PTC Asia in Shanghai in November. Part of the presentation will feature ContiTech’s Conti Excelsus and blue Collector hoses.

In addition to flexible and dimensionally stable oil lines, ContiTech offers the transfer hose, Conti Excelsus, for use in the intralogistics industry. This hose is designed for high temperatures. Depending on the design, the hose can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C, supplies the turbocharger with cooling water and lubricating oil and is also used in its control system. It is also suitable for transporting air, for example, in exhaust systems and as a fuel return line. Its special braid made of a plastic textile, which is resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, makes the hose extremely flexible, and facilitates use in particularly confined and complex installation situations. Thanks to its lightweight design, the transfer hose, which is suitable for high temperatures, also wins approval thanks to a significant weight advantage compared with the PTFE pipes currently used, which are braided with stainless steel. As such, the hose also enables fuel consumption and therefore CO2emissions to be reduced. Since the hose forms part of a modular system, users can select the best product depending on the application.

Improving safety and cleanliness when handling food and drink is a constant focus of the Chinese foodstuffs industry. Specially developed for use with milk collecting trucks, ContiTech will present a product that guarantees safe and reliable handling of foodstuffs – the blue COLLECTOR foodstuffs hose – at PTC Asia. It is resistant to ozone, weathering, and abrasion and can be cleaned easily.

(Image: ContiTech’s Conti Excelsus hose)

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