Crowley Maritime commissions LNG-ready US tankers

Jacksonville, Florida-based Crowley Maritime Corp. recently commissioned the first two vessels, ‘Ohio’ and ‘Texas,’ in a new generation of product tankers designed and prepared for possible future operation on liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel.

The cargo section offers a total loading capacity of 337,000 barrels, or about 54,000m3, and is divided by a centreline bulkhead to create six pairs of cargo tanks. Each of the 12 tank compartments is fitted with a Framo SD200 vertical, centrifugal cargo pump powered by a hydraulic motor. The stainless steel pumps are individually rated at 600m3 per hour, and the system as a whole has a maximum discharge or loading rate of 3,600m3/h. The Norwegian make is now an Alfa Laval brand.

The deck gear comprises a 10t hose handling crane at the midships manifold, two Aker Pusnes (now MacGregor Pusnes) combined anchor windlass/mooring winches and six double-drum mooring winches.

(Image: Crowley ‘Ohio’ tanker)

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