Dixon Europe launches new coupling solution

Dixon Europe has launched a new product, the Dixon Hygienic Breakaway Check Valve, which is proving to be ‘the right connection’, potentially saving companies thousands of pounds.

At a recent trade show, an engineer from a well-known UK dairy company explained how a milk tanker had driven away from the loading bay before disconnecting the delivery hose, costing thousands in replacement piping and installation costs.

The Hygienic Breakaway coupling is a solution to this problem. In such instances, the coupling will break in two, separating the tanker from the loading bay. The 13kN break load bolts are the only items that will need replacing.

The new valve is an innovative solution that is designed to eliminate product loss too. It incorporates the Breakaway coupling and a hygienic check valve. It acts as a single unit that has a diverted breaking point that will break at a determined break-load. Then the check valve will close, protecting the loading bay pipe system and avoiding product spillage.

Designed with hygienic processing in mind, users can be assured that the breakaway conforms to FDA standards and is CIP capable, but without the intricate workings and associated cost of similar products on the market.

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