EK releases standalone CPC Quick-Disconnect Couplings

Approximately a year and a half ago, EK Water Blocks (EK) first introduced its Predator line of all-in-one liquid coolers with medical-grade CPC quick-disconnect couplings. After all that time and plenty of prodding from its customers, the Slovenian water cooler maker has released the EK-QDC 10 mm couplings as a standalone product for use in any loops.

EK says the couplings are “medical grade,” and notes that they are manufactured by Colder Products Company (CPC). That company has a long history of making products for the medical, industrial and food industries.

Releasing them works by pressing the button on the female side of the fitting and then pulling the two parts apart. Although they disconnect easily and their purpose is to stop the flow, you therefore cannot disconnect them when the loop is running (or rather, you should avoid it), and you cannot use them as a drain port.

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