Faster new SLIDE 4-line multi connection coupling

Italian-based Faster, a manufacturer of quick-release hydraulic couplings, with subsidiaries in Germany, China, India, US and Brazil, has expanded their multiple connection Multifaster range, with the addition of the SLIDE coupling.

The SLIDE is a 4-line multi connector, featuring flat face couplers. It has a compact design, as the central lever gets very close to the plates when connected. The two plates are not mechanically stressed, because the separation effort is completely supported by the couplings. The connection and disconnection maneuver is particularly comfortable and smooth thanks to the unique lever design: the effort is always constant during the movement. An additional element of comfort is the rotating handle that follows fluidly the user’s hand movement.

One of the four housing can host the electrical connector, but the connector can be installed externally as well. The featured couplings are flat-face couplers, reference for the Earth Moving sector, but also widely used in the Industrial sector. The flat-face system guarantees no spillage and makes the surfaces very easy to clean. The max working pressure for these couplers is 350 bar, tested 1 M cycles under 133% the working pressure. The surface treatment is Zn-Ni that makes the products very resistant to corrosion and wear.


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