Gall Thomson launches new marine breakaway coupling

Gall Thomson, a leading provider of Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) technology, has launched an enhanced version of its Petal Valve MBC for the offshore hydrocarbon transfer market.

Petal17 is 20 percent lighter than the mean average weight of its current range which is already the lightest Petal Valve Marine Breakaway Coupling on the market. The lighter Petal17 delivers improved buoyancy and handling advantages.

The design of the Petal17 MBC delivers safe offshore product transfer solutions which reduce risk of damage to capital equipment and spillage, resulting in pollution events. Like others in the range, the Petal17 Marine Breakaway Coupling design has a full and uninterrupted bore, providing zero headloss and zero pressure drop during product transfer.

The robust design features CNC manufactured precision Petals and improved low pressure metal seals for reliability and reduced risk of leakage on activation.  The Petal mechanism has no axles, shafts, hubs or bearings to seize and is totally failsafe.  Petal17 fits standard flanges at any recommended location in the hose assembly.

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