Hose crimpers enter the IIoT world

There may never be a completely foolproof way of making hydraulic hose assemblies, but manufacturers of crimping machines continue to design the latest technology into their machines. Hose crimping equipment has tapped into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with ContiTech’s cloud-based crimper controller for making hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies.

CrimpIQ controller provides remote maintenance capabilities and instantaneous updates to the crimper, reducing downtime and offering a new level of enhanced efficiency, safety, quality, and speed, according to Andreas Gerstenberger, head of ContiTech’s Industrial Fluid Solutions Global Business Unit.

The monitoring process of the crimper controller is entirely cloud-based. “You will be able to oversee the entire process via a private security-protected Internet site,” explains Gerstenberger.

The CrimpIQ controller is available on six of ContiTech’s production crimpers. “We believe that the CrimpIQ controller will do the same thing for the hose industry as the smart phone did to enhance our connectivity in our daily lives,” adds Gerstenberger.

Image courtesy of ContiTech

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