ITW Dynatec introduces Gemini hot melt hose

Bonding and sealing solutions manufacturer, ITW Dynatec, recently introduced its new Gemini Hot Melt Hose, featuring dual sensors and dual heaters. This unique configuration helps solve the problem of downtime and delays that frequently occur when traditional single-strand hot melt hoses fail during use.

ITW Dynatec’s industry research supports the need for advanced hose technology. Typical downtimes caused by traditional hose failures and changeovers can last as long as 45 minutes after troubleshooting, replacement part sourcing, removal of the failed hose and installation of the replacement part. Single-strand hoses also require pre-heating to the correct operating temperatures and then must be pressurized to fill the hose with the hot melt material. All these steps must occur before production resumes.

The back-up heater and temperature sensor of the Gemini activates in the event of a hose failure. If the primary circuit fails, the system immediately alerts the operator to the failure. With the simple flip of a switch, the back-up circuitry can be activated to keep the unit up and running. This assures maximum uptime by switching on the second heater, allowing the hose to continue to function normally until the next preventative maintenance is performed.

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