Klaw launches new marine breakway coupling

Klaw recently launched their Marine2 Breakaway Coupling, designed to reduce stress on hoses used on offshore hose reel applications. The company claims that the new coupling is 32 percent shorter and 25 percent lighter than alternative Marine Breakaway Couplings on the market.

Klaw’s Marine Breakaway Coupling provides a safe parting point within the hose transfer system in ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and vessel to offshore platform transfers. The coupling is designed to activate in an emergency such as vessel drift in stormy conditions or pressure surge. When activated, the valves within the coupling shuts both upstream and downstream flow within the hose transfer system and allows immediate separation of the line.

Like its Klaw predecessor, the Marine2 is designed to resist those bending moments and torsional forces expected from floating wave motions and the rigours of the marine environment and reacts only to those axial forces that occur in an emergency.

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