KLAW’s new cryogenic dry disconnect coupling

Using its knowledge and experience of cryogenic breakaway and emergency release couplings, KLAW recently launched a dry disconnect coupling for the transfer of cryogenic media such as LNG.

The CryoDC is designed as a quick connect and disconnect coupling which claims to result in no spillage of product. This is a major advance on more traditional methods of connecting cryogenic transfer lines, such as flange connections and hammer unions/CGA fittings.

The CryoDC comprises a tank and hose unit. Operation is a single action using a straightforward turning motion to connect the couplings which opens the internal valves. This requires no special tools or torque settings. The new cryogenic dry disconnect coupling is therefore much faster, safer and more reliable than traditional methods meaning operators require far less training.

The new CryoDC from KLAW is designed for a variety of applications such as bunkering, tank storage facilities, refuelling applications, Air Separation Units (ASU), railcars, trucks, and ISO tanks.

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