Lewis-Goetz’s new ‘rental industry solutions’ brochure

Lewis-Goetz, an ERIKS Company has published a new brochure highlighting its complete array of products and services for the rental industry in the North America.

Lewis-Goetz, which operates under the name ERIKS Industrial Services in Canada, provides innovative and trusted hose, sealing, conveyor belt and safety products for a variety of applications. An associate member of the American Rental Association, Lewis-Goetz is able to provide timely and consistent quality, expertise and technical support from its more than 100 locations across North America.

Bob Powell, North American Product Manager for Lewis-Goetz, said his company’s vast geographic footprint and commitment to service are what sets it apart. “In addition to our product knowledge in various industries, we’re able to offer readily available, local delivery and 24/7 service,” Powell said. “Our primary focus is our customers and we pride ourselves in offering more than products. Whether product testing and replacement, consulting services or training programs, we work with our customers to maximize a product’s lifespan and lower their total cost of ownership.”

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