LÜDECKE TempSecure for quick connect coupling systems

German manufacturer, LÜDECKE, now offers an effective solution to prevent accidental disconnection with the new TempSecure® couplings for temperature control quick connect coupling systems.

A handling error can lead to disastrous consequences during use in temperature control applications with hot or cold water including tempered oil. Such risks can easily be avoided with the new series. The color code on the locking sleeve illustrates the coupling status (clear brass = disconnected, green = connected). Its simple and intuitive coupling process, via one-hand operation with an automatic safety interlock, guarantees safe handling even in difficult-to-reach and hidden areas.

One major advantage of the new series: The disconnecting process can be blindly executed due to the forced guidance of the locking sleeve – it requires an axial movement of turning the locking sleeve, basically a manual unlocking motion. An accidental or unintentional disconnection is practically impossible.

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