Major assists in umbilical spreader financing, Ireland

Major Equipment used its recent factory open day to announce a new partnership with First Citizen Agri Finance DAC that will offer customers flexible finance packages for agricultural machinery purchases. Major and First Citizen Agri Finance say the deal will allow them to create tailor-made financial packages for farmers.

The new partnership is expected to spur tanker sales under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS). Under this scheme, farmers can avail of up to 40 percent grant aid (subject to a maximum eligible investment of €40,000 or €60,000 in the case of a joint application or partners under a registered partnership) to purchase certain types of low emissions slurry spreading equipment.

Grant aid is only available for the purchase of a slurry tanker or umbilical slurry spreading system if it includes one of the following spreaders: a dribble bar (or band spreader); a shallow injection attachment; or a trailing shoe attachment.

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