All media connections with one flick of the wrist

Eisele has expanded its multiple connectors into a modular kit system. Whether in plant construction or for maintenance and repair work – Eisele MULTILine connectors can be used for the secure, efficient and space-saving connection of single components or entire assemblies by means of one easy-to-use connection. Installation expense and set-up times can be reduced significantly. Eisele has now continued this development with the MULTILine adaptive to create a completely flexible modular system.

Flexibility is the key: In modern production there is a clear trend toward modular systems and customized production. Multiple connectors make it possible to implement very transparent and standardized interfaces between system components or modules. This allows thorough testing of assemblies prior to delivery and commissioning. On-site commissioning is then also simplified, through the well-known plug & play principle. Maintenance is facilitated and setup times are reduced, since entire modules can easily be exchanged or switched. Development activities can also be delimited. Defined and standardized interfaces therefore allow subcontracting of entire work bundles to external suppliers and facilitate development at distributed locations.

The multiple connectors from the Eisele MULTILine offer high-quality, sustainable and robust connection technology for these tasks.

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