New Continental standard grip fittings for spiral hose

Continental has introduced a new standard grip (SG) line of fittings for spiral hose. With the new fitting offering, the PC125 can crimp all spiral constructions up to one inch.

“The new SG fittings have a new crimp chart available online, and they give the PC125 crimper greater ability to crimp heavy, four-wire and six-wire hose, with a one piece non-skive option,” said Brent Lloyd, heavy duty channel manager for Continental. “This is the next generation of fittings where one family fits virtually all the applications on one inch and below. In addition, more thread options are now available. New design options are also now available on sizes larger than one inch.”

Industrial hoses from ContiTech Industrial Fluid Systems boast high resistance to pressure, temperature and media. They comply with national and international standards as well as individual customer specifications.

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