New coupling tech in long-distance WR trains in Mumbai

To prevent coaches from colliding in case of derailment at high speeds, Western Railway (WR) has started using Centre-Buffer coupler technology in long-distance trains travelling to and from Mumbai.

Until now, most long-distance trains used screw-coupling where two flat tops were attached to the end of a rod such that if the train stopped suddenly, the two flat tops would meet and keep the coaches from crashing into another.

Explaining the advantage of the new technology, an official said, “Screw-coupling basically pulls other coaches forward in the event a train derails which is bad because coaches pulled from the back would ram into each other, causing further damage, injuries, and even deaths. Centre-Buffer coupling has a big advantage in this scenario as it comes apart in case of derailment.” Consequently, the number of fatalities and injuries goes down. WR has ordered this coupling for almost 50 per cent of its long-distance coaches. Currently, only Rajdhani, Duranto and Shatabdi mail express trains under WR use Centre-Buffer coupling. WR runs more than 40 long-distance services every day.

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