NewAge® introduces tube and hosing educational brochure

New from NewAge Industries’ Food & Beverage division is a brochure offering tubing selection and buying tips for brewers. It’s an educational piece written to remind beer brewers what to look for when choosing tubing or reinforced hose for fluid transfer needs throughout their brewing processes.

“Brewers put a lot of time and effort into producing great tasting beer,” noted Joe Linquist, the Food & Beverage division’s dedicated Craft Brew Specialist. “Tubing is only one part of the whole beer transfer system, so it can be overlooked or misunderstood. Some brewers simply don’t know enough about the materials used to make tubing, the physical characteristics, and the impact on the beer or brewing process.”

Many factors go into the tubing selection process, no matter the industry. Brewers, however, have some special considerations when it comes to tubing and fluid transfer hose, as do industries like dairy, pharmaceutical and food service.

10 Tubing & Hose Buying Tips for Brewers covers topics including working temperature ranges, chemical compatibility, flexibility, sanitizing, pressure or vacuum specifications, and association approvals. Download the brochure and check out tip number six, for example. It focuses on flavor transfer, a critical aspect for brewers, and describes how beer spoilers can contribute to off-taste and how choosing certain formulas of tubing can address this challenge.

According to Linquist, “Lots of brewers thoroughly enjoy the process of making beer. They like to explore different recipes, choose and combine ingredients, guide the transformation, and then taste something cold and delicious as a result. Brewers don’t want a component like tubing to have a bad influence on the final product. Great tasting beer should be a reward for all that hard work.”

Download a copy of 10 Tubing & Hose Buying Tips for Brewers here.

Image courtesy of NewAge Industries

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