Nordson’s new PureFlow hose for hot-melt systems

By preventing adhesive degradation, the new PureFlow hose for hot-melt systems prevents unscheduled downtime due to restricted adhesive flow or charred pieces breaking away and blocking the nozzle. It also minimizes preventive maintenance and hose replacement.

Developed by Nordson for its adhesive applicators, the patent-pending PureFlow hose features proprietary construction and technology to keep adhesives “fresh.”

PureFlow hoses can handle standard and reactive hot-melt adhesives. They also come standard with RediFlex II hangers for easy installation, when integrated into a parent machine, for example. According to the company, “Mounting hoses on a parent machine frame prevents damage, while routing provisions in the hangers provide a space for bundling a solenoid cable and air tubing with the hose.

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