NORMA Group expands test capacities for fluid systems

NORMA Group, a global provider of engineered joining technology, is expanding its test laboratories in the regions Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. In modern test facilities, qualified experts will validate new products and develop plastic materials for fluid systems. Stress and long-term tests simulate realistic operating conditions with regard to temperatures, pressures and vibrations.

In the new test facilities, NORMA Group tests the performance of fluid systems, by subjecting them to various combinations of different temperatures from minus 40 to plus 300 degrees Celsius, pressures of up to 20 bar and vibrations of different frequencies. Tests also include chemical resistance to different media, such as glycol-water mixtures, oil, diesel, gasoline and urea.

NORMA Group’s fluid systems are used in motor vehicles for cooling, tank ventilation or transporting oil and fuel.

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