NORMA Group products bring Formula 1 teams up to speed

NORMA Group of Germany has provided several Formula 1 teams with various types of joining products, including NORMAQUICK plastic quick connectors, NORMACLAMP TORRO hose clamps and NORMAFIX RSGU retaining clips. The products are used in racing cars to connect fuel lines, other systems located inside the engine compartment, and in exhaust gas turbochargers.

“Joining products must be manufactured precisely to meet the extreme requirements in motor racing in order to be able to withstand the high tensile forces and temperatures and yet reduce weight,” explains Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “The fact that our connectors and metal clamps are used by various Formula 1 teams shows that our products are of extremely high quality, conductive and reliable.”

(Image: NORMAQUICK S plastic quick connectors)

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