NORMA Group’s new Breeze Super-Seal clamp

NORMA Group, a provider of engineered joining technology, has launched production of the new Breeze Super-Seal clamp for fluid connections in high-pressure applications using rubber or silicone hoses. Designed to meet OEM and aftermarket applications, the clamp features a high-pressure dual-seal profile and provides a wide range of adjustability due to its worm-drive closure mechanism.

As engine operating temperatures and pressures increase, industrial applications ranging from passenger and commercial vehicles to agricultural and construction equipment need clamps that can prevent leaks in harsher environments, for example, in coolant and air lines.

The two high-pressure beads of seal around the periphery of the clamp band focus the load into a very small area and create a higher radial pressure – with the same amount of torque. This profile acts to prevent leaks and secure the hose under harsh operating conditions. The Breeze Super-Seal clamp has been designed with recessed hardware attachments to better maintain 360-degree lines of sealing. The Super-Seal’s unique convex-shaped band provides high spring force resulting in consistent clamp load during joint contraction and expansion. The new clamp, offered with or without Belleville washers, can be used on rubber or silicone hoses in diameters from 36 mm to 118 mm.

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