O+P’s three new crimping machines for on-site use

OP presents three new crimping machines of the latest generation. Light, inexpensive, easy to move, they are engineered specifically for on-site service. The brand-new machines Tubomatic H26 PM, Tubomatic H26 E and Tubomatic H64 PM guarantee a precise and efficient service.

OP’s Tubomatic H64 PM is designed to crimp hydraulic hoses up to 1’’ 1/2 two braids, and it is provided with a manual pump separate from the machine and an electric limit switch indicating when the crimping diameter is reached. Tubomatic H26 PM is ideal to crimp hydraulic hoses up to 3/8’’ two braids. It is suitable for several applications and it is ideally suited for outdoor service. The technical specifications, which characterize this machine, are hose crimping with dies-holder, manual pump and millimetre label showing the reached crimping diameter. Finally, the Tubomatic H26 E has similar characteristics in terms of functions and usage as the Tubomatic H26 PM, but is equipped with a manual pump separate from the machine.

(Image: Tubomatic H64 PM)

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