PPM 278-00 versatile component testing stand

Nordhausen, Germany-based Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau (PPM) has developed a multi-functional test stand, 278-00, which addresses a series of testing standards, on such components as hoses, pumps, valves, etc. PPM designs and manufactures test stands for measuring the strength and durability of components in automotive engineering and shipbuilding, as well as other industries. The high pressure technology is used in research, development and production. This includes test stands for measuring bursting pressure and tightness, impulse testing, autofrettage as well as automated testing and sorting.

PPM 278-00 simulates even the most extreme real-world conditions and tests plastic and metal components under varying pressure, temperature and moisture conditions. Equipped with climate chambers, the test stand exposes parts to temperatures from -72°C to +180°C (-97.6°F to 356°F) and humidity up to 98%. The pressure adjustment ranges from -0.8 to +3.5 bar at a test frequency of 0.5 Hz and a test volume of 15 dm³ with various media (i.e. glycol, air, water, oil). This allows for pressure pulsation tests in the overpressure-overpressure, overpressure-vacuum and vacuum-vacuum range.

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