Reline UV Group expands to North America

The RELINE UV Group, a leading manufacturer of UV light-curing glass-fibre reinforced hose liners and UV equipment, is currently seeking partners for an expansion into North America. Widely used to rehabilitate sewers in 50 countries, the company has also focused on developing and producing innovative UV equipment for high speed curing glass-fibre reinforced hose liners.

After expanding from its base of Europe in recent years to supply international markets in Asia, the Middle East and South America, the company has announced a new push into the U.S. It is seeking project partners and rehabilitation companies interested in working with RELINE UV to work together to and use its products and trenchless methods to rehabilitate sewers in North America.

The expansion means RELINE UV’s Alphaliner range of glass-fibre reinforced hose liners is now available in the US, under the product names UV CIPP Alfa300, UV CIPP Alfa500 and UV CIPP Alfa1800. Manufactured using a patented process to create pre-coated glass-fibre strips in continuous production, resulting in a seamless hose with individual lengths up to approximately 350 m, the liner can be used to rehabilitate circular, elliptical, and special profile shapes.

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