Renold launches new RBI coupling

Renold has launched an addition to its range of rubber-in-compression couplings, the RBI coupling, designed for industrial applications, such as on cement grinding mills, conveyors, pumps and fans.

Rubber-in-compression couplings transmit torque through compressed rubber blocks, dampening vibrations and eliminating backlash and protecting both personnel and machinery.

The RBI coupling represents the “next level” to Renold’s existing RB coupling, with a completely reconfigured profile of the compressed rubber blocks – a result of finite element analysis – allowing for an increase in torque transmissions compared to the existing RB coupling. According to testing of the new coupling, the torque rating has been increased by 50 percent when compared to the RB coupling.

Established in 1947, Renold Couplings is located in Cardiff, Wales, and manufactures a wide selection of couplings.

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