RS Components adds TE Connectivity DEUTSCH range

RS Components has added TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH Industrial Vehicle (DIV) product range to its terminal and connector portfolio. DEUTSCH products provide high-performance connectivity in harsh environments involving dirt, dust, moisture, salt spray, vibration and chemicals. The DIV range includes terminals and connectors for the industrial and commercial transportation sector, which includes trucks, buses, emergency vehicles, construction and agricultural vehicles, and recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, powerboats and snowmobiles.

The series is a range of heavy-duty connectors suitable for on- and off-highway bulkhead applications in the marine, industrial and agricultural sectors. They are designed to accommodate multiple wire gauges and have high pin counts from 48 to 128. The environmentally sealed DRC series rectangular connectors have 24 to 76 cavities, accepting size 12, 16 and 20 contacts. The DT, DTM and DTP ranges are environmentally sealed cable-to-cable and cable-to-board connectors. DT connectors are used in harsh environments where even a small degradation in connectivity may be critical. Thermoplastic housings allow a wide operating temperature range and silicone rear wire and interface seals withstand extreme temperature and moisture. The HD10 environmentally sealed, thermoplastic cylindrical connectors have from three to nine cavities and accept size four, 12 or 16 contacts. They are often used for diagnostic applications and are available with or without a coupling ring. Designed for trucks, buses and off-highway vehicles, the HD30 and HDP20 series are heavy-duty, environmentally sealed, multi-pin circular connectors in metal or thermoplastic housings, with contact sizes from four to 20.

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