Saipem signs agreement for SPRINGS subsea technology

A recently signed agreement will see Saipem lead the industrialization and commercialization of SPRINGS®, a subsea water treatment technology designed for deep water application, developed in collaboration with oil & gas company Total and water treatment specialist company Veolia.

SPRINGS (Subsea PRocess and INjection Gear for Seawater) is a nanofiltration-based sulphate removal unit designed for subsea use in deep water environments. A deepsea test was successfully completed last year to prove the validity of the process in a relevant environment offshore West Africa.
In moving the sulphate removal process subsea, SPRINGS enhancing the economics of oil recovery by:

  • eliminating water injection sealines
  • producing savings in terms of topsides weight and deck space, freeing up vital topside space for production equipment
  • easing brownfield retrofits, especially on FPSOs
  • making distant, deep injection wells economical
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