Steinco 12S.C and BiTec self-venting couplings

Steinco has released the latest generation of its self-venting coupling series into the market for various applications, including pneumatic, machinery and plant engineering, compressors, fluid engineering (hoses / rubber articles) general industry, vehicle technique, packaging industry and more.

Compressed air is a basic resource in industrial companies. Again and again, many dangerous and partially serious accidents happen in conjunction with compressed air, resulting in high costs and injury. The dangerous whiplash effect is a well-known reason for such incidents. A further disadvantage of conventional couplings are extremely loud noises while decoupling.

One feature of series 12S.C is its conspicuous green release sleeve along with its ergonomic design that allows for simple handling. The decoupling process is initiated in two steps, ensuring a high safety standard.

The BiTec name stands for two interconnected technologies. This patented design, which combines a quick release coupling with a sliding valve, results in a “pressureless” coupling process, capable with little effort.

Both quick release couplings fulfill the high requirements of the DIN EN ISO 4414 (fluid technology- general rules and safety requirements to pneumatic systems and their components).

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