T.E.A.’s double loop couplings with stainless hubs

T.E.A. Transmissions offers double loop couplings with stainless steel hubs as a solution to correct radial, lateral and shaft misalignment in various industrial applications.

These double loop couplings are produced with a polyurethane element for flexibility in applications requiring the transmission of rotation in small drives compensating for radial, lateral and angular shaft misalignment. This design makes them highly suitable for applications involving food processing, pharmaceutical, agricultural, offshore, outdoor or corrosive environments.

Key benefits of these double loop couplings with stainless steel hubs include silent running, good vibration absorption and outstanding electrical and thermal insulation. They are provided with medium torsional stiffness and have impact and vibration dampening effect. Since there are no moving parts, these couplings are maintenance-free.

The polyurethane material in the double loop couplings offers good resistance to petrol, oil, Benzol, Toluol, aromatic and non-aromatic compounds, coal, hydrogen, alcohol, Glycol solvents and many other chemicals.

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